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Former... Official Miss Ohio Pageant Photographer... We can do GLAMOR! As the Official Miss Ohio Pageant photographer 1995, '96', 97, capturing the "Beauty" in you is second nature for us. Give us a call today and schedule a FREE session consultation! 419 543-1370 Here at Larry Byerly Photography we are totally dedicated to achieving a senior portrait experience that is 100 % YOU! We will travel to a location of your choice and capture the real you... not just a series of poses for every client... You are not just a number to us. Does your personal signature include a car, motorcycle, 4-wheeler, boat...? Let's include that in your session and record your personality as well as your image! Our studio, located at 40 West Third St., is small, but don't let your eyes deceive you. We have over 450 backgrounds to choose from! Can any other studio in North Central Ohio claim that!? The answer is NO! .

A Well-Seasoned Professional Photographer

As a former U.S. Army photographer, and staff writer for the 3rd Infantry Diivision newspaper "Frontline" We can do Grunge! Traveling to various field locations and writing stories for the newspaper, complete with photo images, was my job in the Army. After a brief consultation with unit members, it was my job to "stage" and create photo images and written copy for our bi-monthly newspaper... GRUNGE to the highest power! .

A Tailored Photography Process

Before we take on any project, we always work together with business owners to understand your aims and vision for your company. By understanding what your company stands for, we can tailor a photography service to align with your goals to creating the ultimate photoshoot experience. Our precise method has blessed us with years of success, so we know exactly how to implement our strategy for a wide range of businesses. We can give you the results you desire, just give us a call today.


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